Feb 10 2018


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Enki Bello is an electro harpist and  music business entrepreneur. She has been nationally acclaimed as the Pioneer of the Electric Harp in the Pop music industry. Her latest video of the famous song “Despacito” has reached over 17 Million views on her Facebook Page. The video has been shared more than 1.5 million times from multiple pages with an average of 54.2 million views all over Facebook. It has become the most watched harp cover of all time.

Enki Bello’s known version of “Despacito”…

Enki is the founder of the event company “Bello Entertainment“.  Enki’s desire of entrepreneurship has been influenced and inspired by her father, a real estate investor, architectural entrepreneur and musician, who has become a key mentor throughout her business career.

Enki Bello on American TV inspiring the youth…

Enki plays the Electric Harp in a modern and unique style, mixing her latin influences with pop and electronic dance music. She has opened for revered artists such as Grammy-Award winners Cissy HoustonCholo ValderramaBinomio de Oro, John Alex Castaño, among others. Enki’s music includes everything from ambient and classical to pop and rock. Read more