Bello Real Estate is a real estate investment company that specializes in both buying and selling residential and commercial real estate in Bergen County, New Jersey. Bello Real Estate was founded by Enki Bello, a real estate investor, whose passion for real estate began in her native Colombia, where the Bello family name has been synonymous with real estate for over 109 years.

Our History…

Enki’s great-grand mother, Dolores Escobar, inherited fifteen hundred acres of land and farms in 1908 which cultivated both agriculture and livestock. Dolores oversaw extensive negotiations over land and properties and it is her passion that has passed on from generation to generation.

Enki Bello, the youngest entrepreneur of the Bello real estate dynasty, continues the family legacy here in the states. Inspired by her father Jaime Bello, a real estate investor and architectural entrepreneur, Enki brings modern marketing ideas and creativity to an already successful family business.

The Bello Real Estate Family worked on the agriculture and livestock market for so many decades that it became a family tradition. From generation to generation, the Bello family has focused their inheritance capital to buy and hold real estate.

Enki’s grandma, Priscilla Holguín de Bello, (1935) grew up in a thirteen bedroom colonial house located in Duitama, Colombia. Priscilla’s biggest dream was to become an educator. She attended “Instituto Central Colombiano” obtaining a degree in Superior Pedagogy. For over 30 years, she taught reading and writing in elementary education. On October 3, 1954, Enki’s grandma married Jaime Bello, a independent dentist from the capital of Colombia, Bogota, who graduated from the prestigious school “Instituto Odontológico Colombiano”. They raised 7 children. Enki’s father, Jaime A. Bello is the fifth child of this union and has been an instrumental mentor for her budding business.