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Enki Bello is an electro harpist, music business entrepreneur and real estate investor. She has been nationally acclaimed as the Pioneer of the Electric Harp in the Pop music industry. Her latest video of the famous song “Despacito” has reached almost 16 Million views on her Facebook Page. The video has been shared more than 1 million times from multiple pages with an average of 35 million views all over Facebook. It has become the most watched harp cover of all time.

Enki Bello

Enki the Electric Harp in a modern and unique style, mixing her latin influences with pop and electronic dance music. She has opened for revered artists such as Grammy-Award winners Cissy HoustonCholo ValderramaBinomio de Oro, John Alex Castaño, among others. Enki’s music includes everything from ShakiraEnrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, to Taylor Swift, Lady GagaBruno MarsThe Beatles, as well as her own original music. Read more

Enki Semíramis Bello Maldonado was born on February 26th, 1991 in Bogota, Colombia. Known on stage as Enki Bello, she is a Colombian Pop Harpist, singer-songwriter, DJ and record producer, who started performing at the age of 6. On December 26th, 2014, Enki officially released her third album, “Rocking On Harp” and went on a successful Media Tour in South America. One year later on December 1st of 2015 she released her fourth “Electronic Christmas On Harp” who became very successful in the U.S. and UK.

Enki begins her first musical steps at a very young age of six instructed by her father, Jaime Bello (Architect and Civil Engineer), who taught her the first harp lessons, and her brother Pedro Bello (MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering), who also taught her how to play the guitar, cuatro, and maracas. Her family shared a profound passion for music which was transmitted to her. Along with an instruction in performing different instruments, Enki takes her first vocal lessons with her mother, Alma Maldonado (Lawyer and Professor of Social Sciences and Literature), who becomes a big influence in Enki’s music career.

Enki Bello starts performing in middle school, demonstrating her incredible ability with Colombian Folk, Latin American, and International music. As she is growing up, Enki discovers within herself a big passion for songwriting and poetry. She starts to write songs combining the harp’s melodies with her original lyrics, creating a unique style. At the age of 8, she goes to a School of Harp (Academia Llano y Joropo) and begins her professional career as a harpist with Hildo Ariel Aguirre, a well-known Harp pedagogue, who helps developing Enki’s incredible talent.

Enki has appeared on numerous TV and radio interviews, which has received widespread support and critical acclaim. On 2009 Enki wins the contest “Jovenes Interpretes” and goes on a Colombian National Tour sponsored by the Colombian Republic Bank. Her unique playing style and virtuosic sound has helped Enki achieve great success within the harp world across the United States and Latin America.

In 2008 she recorded her first album “Arpas de Colombia” with 17 harpists from Llano y Joropo. Later, she got signed with an independent record label Filmaster Records, and in 2010 she releases her first solo album called The Magic of the Harp. In the same year, Enki moves with her family to the United States and at the beginning of 2013, Enki Graduated from Bergen Community College in New Jersey with a Major in “Music Business” and later got her Bachelor’s degree from William Paterson University majoring in “Popular Music Studies“, which prepares her to understand the industry of music and how to get involved in it.